Gender-Based Violence Program

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Human Trafficking Support & Prevention Services
The IRCM has worked with partner agencies and community members to fight human trafficking within the VA and greater Mainer community. We utilize community leaders’ assistance and knowledge to build a practical learning foundation to provide successful outreach and education on modern human trafficking to the New Mainer community, such as educating local hotel staff on identifying human trafficking victims.

Sexual Assault Support & Prevention Services
The IRCM works towards providing new community survivors of sexual assault receive the support and assistance they need. These services include advocacy, medical assistance, and referrals to facilitate survivors’ and victims’ healing processes.

Domestic Violence Support & Prevention Services
The IRCM’s most significant work revolves around domestic violence prevention within the New Mainer community and finding relevant resources and support. Our organization works alongside partner agencies, community leaders, and police to establish effective community responses by providing support, education, and advocacy to victims and survivors across numerous ethnic communities.

Female Genital Mutilation Support & Prevention Services
The IRCM develops, presents, and promotes culturally and linguistically specific educational material and programming for different local ethnic communities to dispel FGM myths. The IRCM’s work has made FGM almost non-existent within the New Mainer community.