LAWCC Program

Together with numerous community partners, the Lewiston Auburn Working Community Challenge team is working towards a Shared Goal: To Build, Support, Enhance, and Sustain a culture of opportunity, equity, and inclusion that addresses wealth gaps, catalyzes economic growth, and increases opportunity among the marginalized community of Lewiston Auburn–specifically Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) Youth, including immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and non-white people born in the U.S.
While our focus is on Youth and Young Adults, we aim for transformation that will benefit all Lewiston Auburn communities  impacted by systemic inequities, including BIPOC adults and those with disabilities.


  • BIPOC YOUTH LEADERSHIP: Develop BIPOC youth to be leaders in all we do and learn from their skills and wisdom.
  • COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE: Shifting how our organizations and community make decisions to a more collaborative/cooperative approach where BIPOC and youth voices are centered.
  • POWER SHIFTING: From those historically in power to BIPOC, youth, and others with lived experience of poverty and other inequities.